ENG8 at Greenbackers COP28 (Pitch) in London

GREENBACKERS Investment Capital are specialists for cleantech and climate technology venture capital and first-institutional funding. They help start-up and scale-up founders who either: can’t afford the fees of a big investment house, worry that most advisors are too ‘generalist’, or are too busy running their businesses to do it themselves. Greenbackers hosted its’ bi-annual Super Pitch […]
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fusion powered yacht

ENG8 Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Yacht Companys

We have signed a €1.2m MOU to develop marine power packs (25KW and 100KW) for powering two commercial yacht tenders on behalf of Pulling-e and Ottomar. These are scheduled to be demonstrated by the end of 2025. The deal follows the launch of our fusion-powered EnergiCell at the recent European Tug Owners Association annual conference, […]
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catalysed fusion

A step closer to a fusion-powered future

Our catalysed fusion specialists have confirmed the successful validations of two EnergiCells by the Instituton Electrotécnico Português (IEP.pt) in Portugal and an independent validator. Both agencies carried out the independent validation of one EnergiCell that was shown to have a thermal Q factor of 2.4 units of thermal energy out versus electricity in (without the […]
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