ENG8 now completing due diligence with two institutional funders for 10M Initial Investment

350 PPM were introduced to ENG8 International Ltd in February 2022. ENG8 and their team of operators, engineers and scientists had developed the EnergiCell, in which a low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) involving catalysis occurs.

Its fusion Jim, but not as we know it.

Quite how it works is still being interpreted, but ENG8 are naturally nervous about giving away the ingredients to their secret sauce. My personal belief is that when the H20 molecule is plasmarised, the hydrogen downgrades from Ortha to Para Hydrogen and this catalyses a fusion reaction, which liberates / produces heat and an electric field which can be harnessed. The Q Value or COP (Coefficient of Performance) is the energy gained from a process divided by the energy required to start the process. Anything above 1 is generally considered a breakthrough as the process can become independently self-sustaining.

Water scientifically has some odd properties. Here’s a BBC video explaining odd things about water. Here’s a scientific paper on using water as catalyst for a nuclear reaction.

And yes, I am fully aware that the utilisation of water as an energy source has had many false dawns. However, it’s pretty much definitive now that ENG8’s EnergyCell works.

Considerable efforts have been made this year to prove the EnergiCell works and is capable of a Q value of between 5-10: 1 unit of energy in to get things going and 5-10 units of energy liberated by fusion. ENG8 has utilised a number of independent verifiers to prove their EnergiCell works on numerous occasions recording Q Values of 1.9, 2.5, 6.4 and most recently 5.

ENG8 has raised circa 1.5M this year, and we recently presented to over 70 fund managers, many of which are based in the US. Already, we have seen real interest from some significant VCs, scientists and potential corporate partners that will assist in co-developing the products that will contain EnergiCells. Companies involved in electric car chargers, boat builders, flying cars, heating equipment and others have visited ENG8’s base in Portugal for a demonstration and this month, we will have yet another independent validation of the technology.

You can watch our video demonstrating a Q Value of 5 here: