ENG8’s EnergiCell latest milestone hits the news

ENG8 says it can generate five times as much power as it puts into its fusion energy process. This milestone has hit the news.

Fusion energy specialist, ENG8, has demonstrated an electrical energy output five times greater than the energy used, in this ground-breaking independent validation.

During each of the three tests, lasting approximately 10 minutes each, ENG8’s ‘EnergiCell’ consistently scored an electrical energy output of five – one unit of electrical energy in, and five units of electrical energy, created by fusion, coming out.

The testing was conducted by a leading US laboratory.

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Valeria Tyutina, CEO at ENG8, said: “The results are quite brilliant, the stability of the fusion reaction was incredible, and this development can make the biggest difference to climate change of any other technology on earth. It changes everything – faster than you think.”