Fusion developer signs commercial yacht deal

We have signed a €1.2m MOU to develop marine power packs (25KW and 100KW) for powering two commercial yacht tenders on behalf of Pulling-e and Ottomar. These are scheduled to be demonstrated by the end of 2025.

The deal follows the launch of our fusion-powered EnergiCell at the recent European Tug Owners Association annual conference, which took place at the Europort exhibition in Rotterdam last week. Haslen Back, on behalf of the International Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (ISCMNS) and ENG8, presented catalysed fusion technologies and solutions that can potentially power high-power marine vessels.

Valeria Tyutina, CEO at ENG8, said: “Powerful marine vessels are almost impossible to decarbonise due to their power and operations at sea. Because of this, nuclear power is being investigated again for maritime shipping. We’re super excited about the response to our fuel of the future for this industry.”

The combined power output of the global tug fleet is more than many small countries – 50,000 megawatts of power. Against this context, at the Europort conference, ENG8 presented practical solutions for the decarbonisation of more than 20,000 marine tugs worldwide, including:

  • Retrofit solutions
  • HHO flame injection into engine cylinders
  • Steam injection into engine cylinders
  • Air injection (pneumatic) into engine cylinders

New solutions including:

  • Direct drive
  • Hybrid drive

ENG8’s presentation followed on from several other nuclear energy specialists and included details about its most recent ground-breaking validation of an electrical energy output five times greater than the energy used when demonstrated at Culham Innovation Centre, one of the top five leading fusion centres in the world.  The independent testing was conducted by the largest independent US certification agency.