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ENG8 is still open to pre-seed investment

ENG8 (who has developed a Low Energy Catalysed Fusion device, called the EnergiCell), is still open to pre-seed investment. The EnergiCell has been in development since 2011 and has demonstrated a COP (Coefficent of Performance of 1.9) validated by Instito Electrotechnico Portugues  https://www.iep.pt/. On Monday, we will be launching a VC raise of 10M at […]
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Fusion Industry Association Releases Supply Chain Report

Report Finds Billions in Opportunities in the Fusion Supply Chain, Calls for More Investment. The Fusion Industry Association (FIA) released a report – The Fusion Industry Supply Chain: Opportunities and Challenges – analyzing the current fusion supply chain and projecting a huge growth in demand for fusion suppliers over the coming years. The report also […]
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Cold Fusion – Columbia Daily Tribune

Several decades ago cold fusion grabbed our attention. The science promised to produce low-level nuclear energy without the frightening radiation produced in large power plants. But repeated attempts failed to develop the process, and most of the scientific community became skeptical. Except for a few loners who kept trying. A team in Israel reported exciting […]
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