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New Video on ENG8 (International) Ltd – Catalyzed Fusion Achieves Q Value of 2.4 Thermal and 2.0 Electricity

Update from ENG8 below: We have just released their latest video featuring testing by:   Underwriters Laboratories Inc (www.ul.com) – Headquartered in the United States UL is a not-for-profit organization whose goods are to establish, maintain, and operate laboratories for the investigation of materials, devices, products equipment, constructions, methods, and systems with respect to hazards […]
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British-Japanese partnership for fusion development – World Nuclear News

UK-based nuclear fusion company Tokamak Energy and Japan’s Sumitomo Corporation have agreed to collaborate on the development, implementation and scaling-up of commercial fusion energy in Japan and worldwide. The partnership will see Sumitomo contribute expertise and investment to a series of joint projects with Tokamak focused on the scaling-up and industrialisation of the global fusion […]
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UK at ‘forefront of new frontier’ for holy grail of clean energy – Independent

UK plans to build world’s first nuclear fusion-powered plant by 2040 Britain has an opportunity to be at the forefront of a new clean energy “frontier” with the launch of the world’s first nuclear fusion-powered plant, a senior official has said. Government scientists at the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) are working on plans to deliver clean power through the […]
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