Powering the Future

Create positive loops with clean, abundant energy for all.

Meet the EnergiCellTalk with us

Powering the Future

Create positive loops with clean, abundant energy for all.

Meet the EnergiCellTalk with us

a Global Imperative

Revolutionizing Tomorrow’s Energy Landscape

We find ourselves in the midst of an unprecedented global energy crisis, marked by its depth and complexity, highlighting the vulnerability of our fossil fuel infrastructure. The stability of electricity and gas supply in many countries is faltering, leading to skyrocketing energy prices that are triggering a cost-of-living crisis affecting the world’s poorest and most vulnerable.

Yet, the journey to Net Zero is riddled with obstacles. Even renewable energy sources, once a beacon of hope, reveal limitations in scope and impact. Powering our homes, offices, and cars with sustainable energy can exacerbate financial burdens and pollution; and global regulations, while necessary, disproportionately affect low-income communities, pushing them into fuel poverty.

We are hurtling toward a future where energy becomes a privilege for the few. In 2021, 675 million people were without electricity, and 2.3 billion people relied on harmful cooking fuels. Current projections estimate that by 2030, 1.9 billion people will lack access to clean cooking, and 660 million will be without electricity if we do not act now. [Source: International Renewable Energy Agency]

Energy sovereignty

We believe that universal access to reliable, affordable, and safe energy should be a fundamental human right.

current issues

Clean or dirty?

The electricity powering our homes and vehicles relies on crude oil, coal, and natural gas. Yet, the extraction, mining, and combustion of these fuels—commonly known as dirty energy—unleashes a cascade of adverse effects on both humanity and our precious planet.

  Air pollution
   Extreme weather events
  Climate change
 Ecological destruction
  Land conflict
  Health hazards

escalating energy prices

Abundance or Scarcity?

While embracing the benefits of existing renewable energy systems, we also grapple with challenges—leading to an increasingly unreliable supply, widespread power outages, and the potential for energy rationing during peak demand.

    High upfront costs
 Limited storage capabilities
  Geographic limitations
  Requires significant space
  Not always reliable
  Integration challenges with existing infrastructure

Global Energy Access Gap

Equity or Poverty?

Across the globe, significant energy consumption inequalities persist. In the poorest countries, energy consumption remains minimal, emphasizing the urgent need to enhance access to affordable energy. In the Western world, a cost-of-living crisis and geopolitical volatility has starkly increased energy costs, forcing many Europeans into fuel poverty.

  Privatized energy grid
  Increasing bills
  Global fuel poverty
  Unequal distribution of renewable energy benefits
  Economic disparities
  Limited job opportunities

The New Horizon

Catalyzed Fusion Energy

As countries and industries pivot towards greener solutions, companies embracing innovative, sustainable technologies will lead the new energy era. Those clinging to fossil fuels will find themselves on the wrong side of history, grappling with regulatory pressures, market displacement, and a tarnished public image. ENG8 stands at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution, offering a solution that transcends the limitations of the past.

Our solution

Introducing the EnergiCell™

Our self-powering EnergiCells possess the potential to decentralize energy generation, decarbonize the economy, and slash energy prices. It’s not just a product; it’s a transformative shift towards a cleaner, more sustainable energy landscape and a fairer world.


the basic idea

How energicells work

“These devices could be so small that you could put one in your pocket and run your home or car for years with just a couple of drops of water.”

– George Egely, ENG8 Chief Physicist

about the energicell

Step into a New Era


Embrace a new paradigm of clean energy, free from emissions, transforming the way we power our lives.


Catalyzed fusion promises not just efficient, but limitless energy, revolutionizing our collective futures.

For all

Imagine a world where energy access is democratized for everyone, driven by compassion for the planet and its people.

ENG8 is a catalyst for change, ushering in a future where clean energy isn’t just a necessity but a luxury we can all afford.

Navigating Challenges:

Unleashing Possibilities

Key features

Beyond reliability and cleanliness, ENG8 redefines affordability in the renewable landscape. Aligned seamlessly with environmental and social imperatives, our catalyzed fusion technology is the answer to today’s energy conundrum. Join us in shaping a world where energy isn’t just a commodity—it’s a force for positive change.


Adaptable in various sizes, EnergiCells cater to diverse applications, from powering individual homes to fueling entire industries.


Crafted from readily available materials, EnergiCells aim for a scalable energy revolution.

Direct Energy Conversion

Unlike other renewable sources, EnergiCells directly convert fusion energy into usable power, bypassing the inefficiencies of intermediate processes.

No Harmful Emissions

ENG8 upholds the promise of zero-emission energy, aligning with the global mandate for a cleaner planet.

Real-World Benefits

The challenges of Net Zero transition by 2050 are universal: financial burdens, regulatory constraints, and ethical concerns. ENG8 tackles these head-on with innovative catalyzed fusion technology, poised to unravel the “energy trilemma” of security, equity, and sustainability. Clean energy is no longer a distant dream. [Source: mckinsey.com]

Equitable Decarbonization

The Energicell offers flexible storage, affordability, access and acceptability, which are demand-side considerations outlined in the World Energy Council’s ‘Humanising Energy’ agenda.

[Source: The World Energy Council]

Conflict Resolution

Decentralised energy can lead to the emergence of a higher number of democratic regimes and should lead to more peaceful international relations.

[Source: Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 2020]

Economic Growth

Doubling the share of renewables by 2030 would increase GDP up to 1.1%, improvement of global welfare by 3.7% and over 24 million people working in the renewable energy sector.

[Source: International Renewable Energy Agency]

Poverty Alleviation

Increasing access to clean energy is critical for nearly 600 million multidimensionally poor people who still lack access to electricity and clean cooking fuel.

[Source: Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative]

Legacy of Clean, Abundant Energy

Invest in Powering the Future

Be a part of our movement towards a greener, cleaner, and more accessible energy landscape. It’s time to make a real difference—because the future starts now.

More Than Energy:

A Commitment to a Fairer World

In the face of a global energy crisis, we are on a mission to extend a helping hand to communities, particularly those in need. We firmly believe that access to affordable and reliable energy is a fundamental human right, and we’re here to transform that belief into reality.