ENG8 International has developed a low energy catalysed fusion process. Fusion releases over a million times more energy than chemical combustion processes.

Introducing the EnergiCell; a breakthrough in energy technology that produces excess energy using only water or air as fuel.

EnergiCells contain high density plasma, electro-magnetic fields and catalysts that create stable fusion.

This generates energy that is safe, clean, and sustainable, with the potential to transform the energy industry. Prototype EnergiCells have:

  • Demonstrated a CoP* of up to 30 in ENG8’s laboratory and is targeting a CoP of 5-10 for MVP stage (Minimal Viable Product).
  • Been independently verified to produce a COP/Q electrical in the UK and Q2.4 thermal in Portugal.

We have 14 scientists and engineers, with eight collective PhDs among them, involved in the development of ENG8 and the EnergiCell.

Understanding the Technology Behind EnergiCell

ICCF-24 Presentation - Dr George Egely


An EnergiCell comprises of two main components: casing and electrodes.

The primary fuel source is the H2O molecule found in air and in water.
Inside the EnergiCell plasma is created from the fuel source.

Within the plasma the atoms are ionized (separated into ions). The recombination of the ions under high temperatures and pressures releases electromagnetic energy primarily in the form of light (photons).

Using the company’s proprietary intellectual property, including patent and patent applications, the amount of energy released is significantly greater than used to form the plasma.

EnergiCell from ENG8, Investigation

An introductory video on ENG8 and its EnergiCell