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New energy technologies are rare. The last technologies developed where nuclear fission and photovoltaic cells (solar panels) which was over 70 years ago.

ENG8 International has developed a new renewable energy technology that uses H2O as a fuel.

In ENG8’s EnergiCells, pictured on the left, H2O molecules are plasmarised, liberating electrons from the hydrogen atoms. When they fuse with the oxygen atom, they liberate photons, which results in heat.

The heat can then be utilised in domestic or industrial processes or can be converted via reciprocating engine or turbine to create electricity.

A prototype water fuelled EnergiCell has demonstrated a COP (Coefficient Of Performance) of up to 30 in ENG8’s laboratory and is targeting a COP of 5-10 for MVP stage (Minimal Viable Product).

The EnergiCell

An EnergiCellcomprises of two main components: casing and electrodes.

The primary fuel source is the H2O molecule found in air and in water.
Inside the EnergiCell plasma is created from the fuel source.

Within the plasma the atoms are ionized (separated into ions). The recombination of the ions under high temperatures and pressures releases electromagnetic energy primarily in the form of light (photons).

Using the company’s proprietary intellectual property, including patent and patent applications, the amount of energy released is significantly greater than used to form the plasma.