About Us

ENG8 with Dedicated Professionals

ENG8 International has developed a new renewable energy technology that uses H2O as fuel.

In ENG8’s EnergiCells, pictured on the left, H2O molecules are plasmarised, liberating electrons from the hydrogen atoms which fuse with the oxygen atom, liberating photons, which results in heat.

The heat can then be utilised in domestic or industrial processes or can be converted via reciprocating engine or turbine to create electricity.

A prototype water fuelled EnergiCell has demonstrated a COP (Coefficient Of Performance) of up to 30 in ENG8’s laboratory and is targeting a COP of 5-10 for MVP stage (Minimal Viable Product).

A prototype EnergiCell fuelled by H2O in air has been independently verified to produce over-unity/COP of 1.8 in the UK and 1.97 in Portugal.

This is enough power to drive a reciprocating engine or a turbine, which in turn can generate electricity.


In 2010 Russian theoretical physicist and academic, Professor Vladimir Leonov, published his Theory of Superunification via Cambridge International Science Publishing, based on Quantum Energetics / super-strong electromagnetic interaction, and begins working on a precursor of the ENG8 EnergiCell.


Professor Leonov’s work was taken up by colleague Sergey Altunin at a purpose-built laboratory, funded since 2018 by early investors led by Valeria Tyutina, culminating in a recent demonstration of positive net energy generation in Portugal, validated by the Technical Electronics Institute of Portugal (IEP.PT), and in the UK, validated by British thermodynamics professor, Dr Robert Morgan, at Brighton University.

The Future

Appling the technology to revolutioniseheating and electrical energy generation applications across global markets.

Our Team Members Include

Theodor Pop

Serial CEO and Entrepreneur

Former director/ investment manager with Warburg Pincus

Leading the team to develop a global business

Valeria Tyutina

BA, International Finance & Business, ENG8 co-founder

Main board team, Gazprom. 20 years science and technology innovation

Chief Commercial  Officer overseeing business development

Michael Peters

BEng Electronics. Specialisation in program management and system automation

Senior engineer at Alstom Power 1998 to 2017 and then GE to 2019 power electronics and power generation

Chief Technology Officer overseeing R&D and Engineering.

Francisco Lendinez
Director & COO Designate

MBA, passionate about team building, circular economies and the environment

Former COO at Nordea Bank and VP Business Development at Airbus. Global experience across multiple companies and industrials fields such as Banking, Automotive, Aeronautics, Energy

Business strategy, all business operations

Prof. Donal O’Connell O’Connell
Head of IP

Professor of IP at Imperial College Business School, London

Head of IP at Nokia, expert in IP protection and licensing

Intellectual Property Rights protection and strategy

Nicholas Dimmock
Head of Investor Relations

Nick has been involved in the environmental sector since 2007 and has so far been involved with over 50 environmental projects from Municipal Solid Waste Composting in India, to 1500 MW Hydroelectric projects in Ecuador and the pre-construction development of over 260MW of solar sites in Mexico. Overall, the projects Nick has been involved in have created on-going emission reductions over 9 Million tons of CO2e per annum. Nick is now leading ENG8 as the Head of Investor Relations.

Alexandra Ellison

Alex has been involved in the Financial sector since 1993 and brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the company. She started her career at Deloitte and, more recently, Alex spent 10 years with Morgan Stanley’s Research Team in Canary Wharf as an Editorial and Production Assistant. Alex deals with all things administrative at ENG8,  ensuring the smooth operation of the company with her excellent IT and organisational skills, robust knowledge of office management and efficient handling of client enquiries. Her attention to detail and ‘can do’ approach adds a reassuring dynamic that both supports the company and meets client needs.

Helen Passfield
Financial Modelling & PR

Helen Passfield (ACMA, BA (Hons) has held Renewable Energy Asset Management positions for Allianz Capital Partners, Octopus Renewables, Blue Tree Asset Management, Impax Asset Management, and Lightsource Renewable Energy (now BP Lightsource), dating back to 2010. Helen was a founder member of Canigou Capital when it was formed in 2015 and was instrumental in the rapid expansion of the business, once financed by 350 PPM Ltd, the environmental incubator and accelerator in September 2020. Canigou Capital now has a project pipeline worth $4B. Helen’s specialisation is Wind, Solar and BESS construction and asset management, and while she has worked on projects throughout the world, her overall geographical focus is Southern Europe.

Aleem Aftab
IT & Infrastructure

Aleem has a been working in the IT & Telecommunication Industry for the past 8 years. Aleem brings in his experience of working in an Internet Service Provider. He has also worked with major global brands and manufacturers in the Telecommunication Industry. Aleem looks after IT and Infrastructure with added responsibilities such as growth hacking.