About Us

ENG8's EnergiCells are Catalysed Fusion Reactors that Enable

Pure Clean Cost Effective Energy to be Produced

ENG8 has developed a catalysed fusion technology, the EnergiCell™. EnergiCells are catalysed fusion reactors that release thermal and/or electrical energy directly from the fusion of hydrogen nuclei in water. There are no harmful emissions.

EnergiCells can be produced in a wide range of sizes, from readily available materials and components, in industrial quantities.

EnergiCells have been independently validated by world leading universities, research institutions, independent test centres and laboratories.

Since 2019, two patent families were filed globally, and a third started this year.

ENG8 has 14 scientists and engineers, with eight collective PhDs developing the EnergiCell technology and combined heat and power units.

ENG8 anticipate beginning commercial energy sales in 2024.



In 2010 Russian theoretical nuclear physicist and academic, Professor Vladimir Leonov, published his Theory of Superunification via Cambridge International Science Publishing, based on quantum energetics / super-strong electromagnetic interaction, and begins working on a precursor of the ENG8 catalysed fusion EnergiCells.


Professor Leonov’s work was taken up by colleague Sergey Altunin at a purpose-built laboratory, funded since 2018 by Valeria Tyutina, CEO of ENG8, and other investors.


ENG8’s teams across Europe have further developed three variations of the EnergiCell, culminating in demonstrations of positive net energy. The company is head-quartered in Gibraltar with its main operating base in Portugal with satellite operations in other countries.



(We restrict access to our scientists and technical team to protect their identity and our technology)

Valeria Tyutina

BA, International Finance & Business, ENG8 co-founder

20 years science and technology innovation.

Valeria oversees the planning and day-to-day operations of the ENG8 business in line with its Mission. 

Michael Peters

BEng Electronics. Specialisation in program management and system automation

Senior engineer at Alstom Power 1998 to 2017 and then GE to 2019 power electronics and power generation

Chief Technology Officer overseeing R&D and Engineering.

Gyorgy Egely
Chief Physicist

Nuclear engineer with 40 years experience in LENR, Inventor, Ph.D.

Thermal engineer specialising on nuclear fusion (Nuclear Research lab, Hungarian Academy of Sciences and International Atomic Energy Agency). Author of 10 books

Overseeing science of the process in on EnergiCells 

Francisco Lendinez
Director & COO Designate

MBA, passionate about team building, circular economies and the environment

Former COO at Nordea Bank and VP Business Development at Airbus. Global experience across multiple companies and industrials fields such as Banking, Automotive, Aeronautics, Energy

Director via PMP Circular Services AB in Sweden

Prof. Donal O’Connell O’Connell
Head of IP

Professor of IP at Imperial College Business School, London

Former Head of IP strategy at Nokia, expert in IP protection and licencing.

Intellectual property rights strategy.

Nicholas Dimmock
Head of Investor Relations

Involved in the environmental sector since 2007, with over 50 environmental projects from municipal solid waste composting in India, to 1500 MW hydroelectric projects in Ecuador and the pre-construction development of over 260MW of solar sites in Mexico.

Leading ENG8 as the Head of Investor Relations.

Greg Sachs
Patent Attorney

Highly experienced patent attorney

Lengthy employment tenures at some of the UK and Germany’s leading IP firms and has operated as a contract attorney for a variety of other private practice firms in the US and in Europe, drafting and prosecuting 1000s of patent applications before various patent offices around the world.

Managing the IPR portfolio

Tim Ferland
Non-Exec Director Designate

BBA Seasoned international business executive

Over the last three years Tim incubated LetKnow, a visionary Fintech and software solutions company that he is now CEO of that has a processing volume of over £1 billion per annum.

Tim was the business development officer for ENG8 from early 2019 until early 2021. 

Haslen Back
Co-Founder, BDO

Retd. army officer. Entrepreneur

30 years of business experience in deep technology development and commercialisation with corporate and government clients.

Currently business development officer, co-developer of the EnergiCell technology, IPR manager. Representative of the main investor/shareholder.

Alexandra Ellison

Involved in the Financial sector since 1993, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the company. She started her career at Deloitte and, more recently, spent 10 years with Morgan Stanley’s Research Team.

Fundraising administration.

Helen Passfield
Head of Finance

Renewable energy asset management positions within major developers and fund managers from 2010. A founder member in several energy businesses and instrumental in their expansion and financing. Helen’s specialisation is wind, solar and BESS construction and asset management, she has worked on projects globally.


Dr Jacqui Taylor
Clean Tech Advisor

#15 Most Influential Woman in UK Technology. She is an Expert Advisor to the UK, EU, G20 and the United Nations on the future of technology and its impact on the sustainability agenda. As a High-level climate leader recognised by the UN for the delivery Net Zero 2030 plan she works with Fortune 500 clients to accelerate and implement their climate commitments.

Climate policy.

Paul Vousden
Corporate Communication

Experienced and successful senior executive. A seasoned entrepreneur who built his own PR and marketing company from zero to a million-pound fee business; followed by an interim career in large public and private sector organisations. He has worked with many early-stage companies on strategic planning, market positioning and raising investment.

Corporate Communication.

Jane Maher
Public Relations

An experienced, strategic PR and marketing professional with more than 20 years under her belt. Latterly, she has held several key senior roles including PR director, regional director and managing director of a satellite site at a fully integrated marketing agency. She has worked across a variety of sectors including energy and renewables.

Amanda Jack
Investor Relations

Amanda has recently joined ENG8 as part of the Investor Relations team. She is delighted to be working with such a great team on these exciting, innovative projects.  Prior to this she worked at CIBC for 17 years with the Investment Banking team and the Equities desk.  She was responsible for their international roadshows and client events.  Client relationships has been a main part of her previous roles and it is something which she enjoys.

Aeron Jones
Video & Media

Aeron’s experience in video and audio production is wide ranging, from cocoa exporters in Ghana to orchestral broadcasts in London. Winning the Best Video Award with Crowdcube paid homage to the attention to detail that has satisfied clients across Europe. In the past 10 years his varied commissions have increasingly become focused on topics in the environmental sector. Video is a powerful tool in presenting an investment opportunity, and Aeron believes in acquiring a thorough understanding of the core messages that need to be conveyed, when approaching any project.

Colm Macqueen
Grants, Subsidies & Credits

Colm has extensive experience of green and environmental inventions through his work as a multilingual translation professional specialising in intellectual property (IP) and marketing since 2015. He is a Qualified Member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting and provides language services both as a freelancer and agency owner. His background spans various countries and industries including recycling, finance, tourism, education, telecommunications and software. Colm is a keen supporter of initiatives and innovation for sustainable development. He is delighted to contribute to the ENG8 team by strengthening its fundraising efforts.