About us

We are in service to humanity and the environment.

Our VisionOur Values

About us

We are in service to humanity and the environment.

Our VisionOur Values

Our vision

Empowering All for a Sustainable Future

We believe in a world powered by clean, efficient, and abundant energy. It’s a future where cities are pollution-free, energy is democratized, and global warming is curbed. Our EnergiCell technology is the cornerstone of this new age, providing pure energy without emissions, and revolutionizing how we power our lives.

Imagining a World:

Where Innovation Meets Compassion

expert team

We have fourteen scientists and engineers, with eight collectivePhDs among them, involved inthe development of ENG8 and the EnergiCell technology.

Commitment to Impact

Intending to impact over 1 billion lives by 2040 with sustainable, reliable, and equitable energy, we’re not just promising a product, but a transformation.

Green Revolution

Independently verified by top tier institutions to produce more energy than they consume, our EnergiCells are potentially scalable, reducing emissions globally for a cleaner, fairer world.

Meet our Chief Physicist

Exploring Beyond Traditional Science: Dr. George Egely’s Journey

As a young boy, I was fascinated by the secrets of heat and energy, their invisible forces shaping our world. This fascination propelled me into the world of physics, but my inquisitive mind couldn’t be contained by traditional boundaries. During my travels abroad, I encountered phenomena that defied explanation, like healing through the simple act of placing hands. It ignited a fire within me – a lifelong pursuit to understand these forces not through faith, but through the cold, hard lens of science.

Skepticism fueled my curiosity, not deterring me. In communist times, research on paranormal phenomena wasn’t supported, so I began by studying ball lightning, a natural phenomenon exhibiting bioenergy-like anomalies. My scientific observations and theories on ball lightning are documented in my book, “Ball Lightning: The Key to the Fourth Dimension.”

Back in Hungary, I conducted a unique experiment with over 500 students, witnessing first-hand how “bioenergy” could seemingly influence water movement, defying known physics. This marked the beginning of a deeper exploration into its impact on electrical conductance.

Years of rigorous experimentation and refinement culminated in the development of the Egely Wheel vitality meter, a revolutionary tool to measure and document this elusive life and healing energy.

In 1996 I started experimental and theoretical work in the field of energetics aiming for the exploration of environmentally friendly and renewable energy sources. In relation to this, Egely Ltd. has published many educational and technical books.

Now, as Chief Physicist at ENG8, I lead the development of the EnergiCell, pushing the boundaries of science even further.


Born in Hungary in 1950, Dr. George Egely’s lifelong fascination with energy began early. Fueled by a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Technology and Economics, his focus lay on heat engines.

His early career at the Atomic Energy Research Institute immersed him in the complexities of heat and energy transmission, particularly in critical situations like nuclear power plant failures.

In 1980, Dr. Egely earned a PhD. from the University of Technology and Economics. An International Atomic Energy Agency scholarship enabled him to pursue groundbreaking research on convection technology for nuclear power plants at the renowned Brookhaven National Laboratory in the U.S. His 18-month stint left a lasting mark, with published works that continue to influence the field.


Driven by a vision of a sustainable future, Dr. Egely established Egely Research and Development Ltd. in 1993. Beyond manufacturing the Egely Wheel vitality meter, he embarked on a mission in 1996 to explore environmentally friendly renewable energy sources. Today, Egely Ltd. stands tall as a leader in both publishing and research, actively contributing to advancements in clean energy.

“As a nuclear engineer, I was always interested in the best possible solution, which we should give to the public.”

– George Egely, ENG8 Chief Physicist

how we work

our values

We strive to be a moral organization, looking to values and ethics which prove true across time and contexts, and using these as a foundation to achieve our aim of supplying clean energy with love and compassion, globally.


The ethos of ENG8 is one of compassion, peace, and responsibility, appealing to investors who prioritize meaningful impact alongside financial returns.


ENG8 champions transparency, sincerity, truthfulness, sharing progress, and seeking collaborative relationships with investors and partners.


With a track record of validated technology and a vision for the future, ENG8 defines innovation in energy, with an intention to usher in global energy abundance.


ENG8’s commitment to sustainability and ethical practices resonates with investors who are looking to support companies with a strong moral compass.

Envision Earth as a delicate tapestry—a balance of life and environment that sustains us all. Safeguarding this intricate harmony is vital for nature and the essence of humanity.

Power Beyond Limits

Join the Positive Loop

Together, let’s weave positive loops to redirect our course and rejuvenate our ecosystems, restoring natural balance and universal harmony. At the heart of EnergiCell lies an infinite energy loop, symbolized by the number 8. Join us in propelling the cleantech revolution worldwide, contributing to a sustainable future beyond limits.