The First New Renewable Energy TEC For 70 Years

An EnergiCell comprises of two components: casing and electrodes.

The primary fuel source is the H2O molecule found in air and in water.

Inside the EnergiCell plasma is created from the fuel source.

Within the plasma the atoms are ionized (separated into ions). The recombination of the ions under high temperatures and pressures releases electromagnetic energy primarily in the form of light (photons).

Using the company’s proprietary intellectual property, including patent and patent applications, the amount of energy released is significantly greater than used to form the plasma.

There are two other key components that connect to the EnergiCell. A high voltage power supply unit and a pump to fuel and cool the EnergiCell.

The Genesis of ENG8 and the EnergiCell

“Solar” Energy Release and Recharge

Independent Validation

An EnergiCell was first independently validated in the UK in December 2020 by Dr.Robert Morgan from Brighton University.

The independent validation showed that 1.8 x more energy in the form of heat was released than from the electricity used to power the EnergiCell. The “coefficient of performance” or COP being 1.8.

In November 2022, independent validation in Portugal by WWW.IEP.PT, a nationally accredited independent inspection agency (Electrical Technical Institute of Portugal), showed 2x more energy in the form of heat was released than the electricity used to power the EnergiCell.

It is planned to test an EnergiCell by the end of Q2 2023 with a COP above 5.
Above COP 5, the EnergiCell is releasing enough energy to not only power itself but to also export heat and electricity.

It is planned to independently validate an EnergiCell by the end of Q4 2023 that is self powering, using just the H2O molecule as fuel.

An EnergiCell System

The schematic on the left shows the main components of the EnergiCellsystem, configured for industrial or domestic use.

Key Components
1- Power supply unit up to 25KV
2- Preheater
3- EnergiCell pump
4- EnergiCell
5- Back Pressure Regulator
6- Reciprocating engine or turbine
7- Alternator AC 240V
8- 25KVA Generator up to 50KV
9- 250 Litre Hot water Tank and Heat Exchanger Condenser pump

Patent application for the system as detailed, submitted in February 2021 and 2023.